Bellissibolo Peter moved to his forever home too


"Dear Andrea and Sara!
Thank you very much for the "packages". I've been watching videos now. I know about Pepe's games, he likes to embitter here, to shake off the skin of his sleeve, blanket, socks, and even a huge fight with the cushion that we brought in the basket. A fully-fledged host, he's always on track, I have to be careful not to go to her. Lacit likes very much, in the morning, when he comes downstairs and falls down his dad, shakes him greetings, and in the evening he is a great game with the big boss's feet, his socks. Everyone in the family is anxiously interested every day, and even my mom and daughter Andi visited me yesterday, and now we have introduced ourselves to our neighbors.
I'm so happy with the little dumpling and I did not regret it. I warmly welcome you: Kiss Family"

Latest update: 2022-05-09

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