We held a huge huge Birthday Party for our furry babies ????
Today is the Bday of our Bella Bambina and for this special occasion, we celebrated all of our doggies who were born in wintertime!
????BIS3 CIB CH Bellissibolo Bella BAMBINA - has her 5th Birthday today!
We also would like to say a big Happy Birthday to all BELLISSIBOLO - B LITTER - puppies!
????European Winner Veteran'19 CIB GrandCH Bellissibolo HETTI celebrated her 11th Birthday in November! She is our ironlady ????
????ViceWW'15 ViceEW'17 ViceEW'18 CIB BIS Bellissibolo ALBERTO celebrated his 7th Birthday in December! He is what a gentleman ❤️

Latest update: 2022-05-09

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