Bellissibolo ETTORE moved to his new family in USA


Our beautiful and sweet boy Bellissibolo Ettore moved to his new forever family in New York, America. We will miss him so much as we spent a fabulous 4 months together but we are sure his new family (with 3 cute children)  LOVES him so much!
"Finally, we all wanted to say thank you for picking us to be Ettore's forever family. He is truly an angel and we cannot imagine our life without him. He has already brought a lot of joy to each one of us. Our youngest, Anthony Jr. has never been so excited about something and rushes to wake up and get ready or do his homework so that he can spend extra time with Ettore before heading off to school. Liliana really enjoys quiet moments with him brushing and cuddling him in the evenings.  Our oldest Peter has such a special bond with Ettore as he was there to welcome him into America at the airport with Anthony Sr. And of course Anthony and I have him all day while the kiddies are at school.
Through the entire journey to America you have made it feel like a fairy tale that came true. More than words can say - we cannot express how lucky we feel to have met the two of you. Kind, caring and Super Professional! Toro has bonded with all of us and Bellissibolo truly did an unbelievable job." Pranzo Family


Latest update: 2022-05-09

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