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Bolognese information including personality, freetime activities and travelling


We recommend this fabulous breed for children over 10 years. As the Bolos are rather calm and assertive they can be perfect friends for the same type of children.

But the Bolognese can also be the perfect choice for young married couples and middle aged families, too.  



Animal hair allergies principally affect the breathing and the skin, with symptoms such as itching, redness, conjunctivitis or hives.


Most ‘animal hair allergens’ are not part of the animal’s hair in the strict sense. It is often the small skin particles or substances found in bodily fluids (urine, saliva, sperm) that trigger allergies in humans. The trigger substances are needed for the animals to function; some are required for their sense of smell, others for the immune system and social behaviour.


Since each animal is a carrier of different allergens and each individual has a different sensitisation pattern, there are no truly ‘allergy friendly’ pet species.

It is true that Bologneses don’t shed their majestic coats like other dog breeds, they shed much much less fur. 

Bolognese as a " Best Friend Forever
Bolognese as a family pet
Young Couple with BB Bolognese



The Bolognese is very friendly and has a lovely nature. They find friends easily and usually like to be together with young and senior people as well.

They are obedient and learn new skills fast. They love learning very much, they can complete the first level of the obedience course in the dog school easily.

They like the company of people; they are very affectionate and love to be in the spotlight as well as sitting in their master's lap while listening to the owner’s  friendly conversation with other peoples. They do not bite and rarely barks.

They don’t like loud noises and shouting.

Playing in the garden and then lying down on the terrace to sleep a bit is a perfect activity for a Bolognese.

They don’t like rain; when it rains outside they rarely go out even to pee. However, some of them loves playing in the snow.

Obedience course with Bolognese
Agility course with Bolognese
Agility course with Bolognese
Bolognese in the restaurant
Bolognese playing in the snow
Bologneses playing in the garden
Coctail and Bolognese - good combination :)
Shopping with Bolognese



Bologneses usually get up at 6-7 am. They wake up with joy and happiness, as if they had awakened for a special day. The first activity should be a short walk outside that can be followed by the breakfast.

Feed your adult dog twice a day. (cut one day portion into 2 pieces). Puppies under 6 months should eat 3-4 times a day (smaller portions)

Bologneses usually play in the rest of the morning then they sleep a bit until their owner comes home from work. Well, this is the time to be active again! Afternoon is the perfect time to play and learn together. We should try to spend minimum 1 hour per day with our beloved dogs. Agility exercises, playing with a ball or chasing in the garden are all perfect kind of entertainment.

Please be careful with dog treats. Always subtract the amount of treats from their daily food portion.

At 5-6 o’clock it’s time for the dinner that should be followed by a longer walk.

I would recommend avoiding telescopic/ flexible leashes because it reduces the control over your dog at the street or the dog can eat something from the ground what we don’t notice.

At 9-10 pm it’s time to go to bed. A short pee break at 9 pm could be good before the long night.

They sleep the whole night till the morning without peeing. An adult dog doesn’t need to have a pee pad in the house.

Teaching your Bolognese
Waiting for the Mommy to come home
Walking with your Bolognese



Bologneses have small bodies and white coats which require care. They love take a walk with their owner in the neighbourhood but 1 hour physical activity is totally enough for them. Walking on a flat paved road is perfectly enough challenge for them. As their paws are easily damaged, we should avoid fields, forests and uncared areas with them. We can take them to dog school as well. They love learning very much and they can complete the first level obedience course with ease. Try to find a place where big and small dogs are trained separately for better safety.





Bologneses are ideal travelling companions as they have a calm and assertive nature.

They especially love travelling by car and they can tolerate longer trips as well.

On warmer days we should use air conditioning in the car and it is recommended to use window shadings to avoid overwarming.

As they are real companion dogs they love being with their owners all the time. You shouldn’t leave them alone for more than 4 hours! We can go to our annual holiday with them as well! It is possible to find dog friendly hotels and summer resorts where you can stay for a week or more together,

If you take your dog’s favourite toys with you, e.g. a ball and of course their bed and feeding bowls you can be sure they will also enjoy the family holiday.

Our Bologneses always come with us on holidays
Family Holiday with our Bologneses
Travelling to the countryside with you Bolognese
Travelling with your Bolognese



The Bolognese is a small and light weight dog so their body temperature can warm up and cool down faster than of the humans. They have to wear jacket or overall at winter time outside the house and avoid direct sunlight for longer time at summer.

Autumn and spring are better seasons for them as the ideal temperature for the is around 21 C. When the weather allows we can take longer walks with them in the neighbourhood.

They don’t like being wet so they prefer to stay in the house when it rains outside.

We should pay more attention on our dogs during summertime. Give them fresh water 2-3 times a day and find them a   cool, shadowy place to avoid heat stroke.

NEVER LET THEM ALONE IN THE CAR! Even if you just stop for a minute!!

Use air conditioner during travel if needed and use window shadings as well. Keep a water bowl and a bottle of cold water in the car so your dog can drink in every 2-3 hours during travel.

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