Grooming Basics

Bolognese grooming basics

Bolognese grooming at home - useful tips from a professional Bolognese breeder how to make your dog's fur perfectly groomed. Read more about Bolognese tear staining and Bolognese ponytail.

If you see a wiggly, lively, adorable, curly white dog full of life and energy that looks like a stuffed animal and makes you take a second look, you might possibly be looking at an Italian Bolognese! 


The Bolognese has a curly, silky, white coat.  It is important that this breed is combed and/or brushed at least twice a week. 

I brush the puppies weekly  from the time they are quite small to get them used to being groomed. A critical time to keep  the Bolognese in tip-top condition with more frequent grooming / brushing is during the transition time between  the puppy stage and the adult coat. 


The Bolognese are beautiful in long coat, but many people opt to keep the body in a puppy cut for easy care. Keep ears, tail and face uncut to preserve the special Bolognese look. 

 Always check the coat carefully after spending time outside and remove all burrs, dry grass, thorns, and anything else that may have gotten into the coat. 

Basic grooming tools: are a  brush, metal comb, scissors, dog shampoo, spray for easier brushing , blow dryer, towels, ear cleaner, cotton balls, nail clippers, and dental care products. 



It is very important that  all mats and tangles are removed before bathing your dog.  They are much harder to remove on a wet coat. Not everyone agrees as to how often a dog should be bathed. A good rule of thumb is twice a month.  You can of course, bathe a little more often, according to your preference.  Even when your dog gets wet  or a bit dirty after an extended time outside, many times when you towel dry them and then brush them out, they look great.  When you do bathe your dog,  make sure the water is not too hot or cold.  Apply shampoo and work it into a  good lather.  Wash the head last so water isn't dripping into your pet's eyes while  you are working on the rest of the body.  Try to avoid getting water into the ear canal.   A cotton ball in each ear works well or hold the ears down  with one hand while washing with your other hand.  When washing the face, we use a tearless puppy shampoo to  protect their eyes.  The shampoo is followed by a conditioner.  Dry your dog thoroughly  with a towel and then brush or comb out gently and use the blow dryer at a low  temperature to dry him/her off.  Make sure you keep your hand running back and forth and fluffing the coat at the same time so you know the dryer doesn't get too warm.  Then brush and comb again.   Please remember - tangles are more easily develop in a dry and uncared coat!


Bathing a Bolognese
We use MD10 products on our dogs


In order to prevent knots of hair from forming between the pads of the feet, the hair  should be trimmed with a round-tipped pair of scissors.  When trimming nails,  you may use a nail clipper.  Just be sure to trim a little nail at a time to make sure  you don't hit the quick. That will cause bleeding and is quite painful for the dog. Talk soothingly to your pet to keep him/her calm and unafraid. 


Combing a Bolognese
Grooming a Bolognese
untrimmed Bolognese paws
trimmed paws
Bolognese Healthy Teeth



If you are not a time millionare  you'd  better take your dog to a professional groomer once in a month.A good washing to your dog can recreate the fur and the skin as well.Moreover, a professional will brush out all the mats and tangles from your dog's coat. 



Brush your dog's teeth once a week with a toothbrush and a dog toothpaste. This will help keep your dog's gums and teeth healthy and strong. 



Groomers tend to pay too much attention to the Bolognese's ears. This "concern" Unfortunately this very often leads to ear canal inflammation.
You shouldn't take in any metal tool  or any other non-sterile instruments into the Bolognese's ear canal. Ear Cleaning sprays must not be blown into the dog's ear.

Use your finger to draw out the hair from the ear canal area.

Clean and Groomed Ears
Clean and Groomed Ears



Tear staining - Sometimes dogs can get stains around their eyes.  There are several reasons for this. First, it can be genetic.  Dogs can be born with narrow tear canals or extra eyelashes that curl  under and rub the eye.  It is best not to breed dogs that are predisposed  to this genetic characteristic. The actual staining is caused  from red yeast  in your dog's system. There are products such as "Angel Eyes"that targets  red yeast. These products can be added to your pet's food daily to stop the staining. Other causes of staining are teething, food, allergies, or ear infections. Puppies cut teeth  up to 8 months. This may cause pressure on the tear ducts.  Just like a human baby,  where teething can cause runny noses and excessive tearing, so it does in a puppy.  You need to be patient. This too, will pass. We have discovered that the number one  culprit has been food. We do not feed our dogs food that contains wheat, corn,  or food coloring because these can cause allergies. Remember, dogs are carnivores. The most ideal food  for a Bolognese is hypoallergic dry food. If your dog is an adult dog that has had no previous tearing, and suddenly begins it, see your vet to check for ear infections and tooth problems.  Even though tear staining can occur, it is solvable.

Bolognese clear eyes
Bolognese with tear staining


-Feed your dog with hypoallergic dry food, avoid chicken

-Make a little ponytail on your dog's head to prevent her eyes from her fur

-Clean the dog's eyes with a good and sensitive eye cleaning product and a cotton pad regularly

-Take your dog to a groomer who will cut the fur on your dog's head  (around the eyes) in a professional way    

-If these tips are not enough for your dog - you should visit an eye specialist vet 






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