Breed Standard

Description of the Bolognese breed

Let me introduce you the Bolognese breed. Detailed breed standard and description with pictures about our favourite breed, the Bolognese.

Bolognese: FCI – Standard Nr. 196.

Country of Origin: Italy

Companion Dog FCI 9.




Bolognese standard 1
Bolognese standard 2
Bolognese standard 3




Serious, generally not very active at adult age. Enterprising, docile, very much attached to his master and his entourage.






Teeth white, evenly aligned, with strong and complete dentition. Articulation of incisors as scissor bite; pincer bite tolerated.


Set on an almost frontal plan; well opened, of superior to normal in size. Eyelid opening is round; the eyeball must not be prominent; the white of the eye is not visible. The rims of the eyelids must be black, and the iris of a dark ochre colour.


High set, they are long and hanging, but rather rigid at their base, so that the upper part of the external ear is detached from the skull, giving thus the impression of the head being larger than it really is.




General Appearance

Small size, stocky and compact, covered with a pure white coat, long and fluffy.


Important Proportions

Square built, the length of the body being equal to the height at the withers.



Set in the line of the croup, carried curved over the back.


Long all over the body, from head to tail, from the top line to the feet. It is shorter on the muzzle. Rather fluffy, thus not lying flat, but in flocks; never forms fringes

Colour of the coat

Pure white, without any patches nor any shades of white. Puppies' coat can contain light brown patches which will disappear later.




Free, energetic, with a noble and distinguished head carriage.




Size and Weight

Height at the withers: 25-32 cm

Weight: 3,5-5 kg

In my opinion, normal size Bolos ( 4-5 kg) are healthier than very small ones.

Average Age

They can live up to 15 - 18 years.

Latest update: 2022-05-09

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