Shipping & Picking up your puppy

Bolognese Transportation & Pick-up

We can ship our dogs internationally but you are always welcome to come
pick up your puppy in our house
Shipping & Picking up your puppy

We can ship our puppies to all over the World but you are always welcome to  come pick up your puppy in our house. Some of our new owners came to us by car or by plane and some other cases we arranged the transportation of the puppy with a professional dog shipper. All of our puppies have arrived  safely and soundly.  Puppies can be trasported to their new homes when they are 12 - 15 weeks old. The exact age depends on the rules of the destination countries.





Due to the restrictions in Europe, the easiest way to get your puppy is to visit us in Budapest, Hungary. 

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Until the time of the transportation we are in weekly contact with the new owners of our puppies. We send them puppy videos and pictures and discuss a lot of things in advance regarding to their new family member :)
When it gets close to shipping time, we make the reservations to the airport of your choice. We live close to the Budapest Airport, HU.
The shipping company gives a personal escort whose work is  to take care of the puppy during the whole journey. Usually dogs sleep all the time of the travel. The personal escort and the puppy will be together in the passangers area in the plane. He will take care of the puppy: gives water, food and pampering to him/her.
When the dog arrives to the destination the personal escort will call you and will give the puppy to your hands.
Shipping companies are reliable and the personal escorts too.They can give you  names and phone numbers of satisfied American, European owners,who got their new family members in this way. 

Latest update: 2022-01-18

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