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Check out Bellissibolo dogs in the World - these people chose Bellissibolo Kennel to add a new members to their families!
Puppies from Bellissibolo Kennel live in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.





Lives with the Geuzinge family in Zwolle, Netherlands

"We are very in love with your puppy (-: he is sweat, funny and intelligent.

Sammie is really very happy, easy and beautifull, we're smelting for him haha. Every day I'll comb him, take care for his eyes, clean his teath and more. We are going to a puppy course where Sammie meets other little puppy's, very nice."






Lives with the Jongejans family in Breezand, Netherlands

"Adriana is friends with all of our doggies and she picks the one out she wants to play with, she can be a little terrorist to them when she wants and they do not want.But they forgive her ha ha. :) She is getting better with new things now, she is growing in body and mind."






Lives with the Mago family in Sattledt, Oberosterreich, Austria

"She grew a lot during the week she is with us. Now she can eat and drink like a good dog :) She is BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you Sarah and Andi for ALL your help!"





Lives with the Kenny family in London, UK

"Bella is adorable as always. She's still pretty much a lady :) We are so very proud of her.

Bellissibolo Bolognese is a responsible breeder. From the time we got in touch up to now, we've always had contact with them. I find that the welfare of their doggie is the uptmost importance to them. We do get a lot of support from them (ie grooming tips etc) and its lovely to know that they still want to know how Bella is... Thank you Sara and Andi.."





Lives with the Hirvonen family in Nummela, Finland

"Everything is going good with Vilma (finally decided Biancas calling name xD), they got their vaccinations last week, and she has been really playfull and happy.

She is very very pretty, I will send you more pics tomorrow. When she arrived home all our dogs greeted her nice and cats too. Thanks for the show leashes I love them!"






He lives with the Zwettler Family in Graz, Austria

"Dear Sztruhala family!
We just arrived in Graz! Nici and Marcus welcomed Bruno with great
joy in their hearts. Thank you very much for the very friendly and nice meeting in your house. We enjoyed the afternoon with you very much.
Thank you!! We attache you a Photo of our Boys with the new member of our family, BRUNO!
Many greatings Sylvia, Stefan, Niclas and Marcus"






He lives with the Rizman family in Velenje, Slovenia

"I don't know how to express my self and all I can say at the moment in my and Marina's name is Thank you very much for such a cute, clever little snowball with good manners and name Cris.You really did a wonderfull job! Yesterday we travel back home with Cris without any problem, he's been soo brave and well prepared for the trip and he didn't cry at all. He nap in Marina's lap all the time just change the position from time to time. Cris is soo cute and make me laugh soo much when he start's chew and brush Marinas hair with paw... we simply Love him!"






He lives with the Nagy family in Switzerland

Andrea and Sara are the best breeders ever. They are extremely devoted to their dogs and puppies, they put all their love in the work they do. The puppies in their kennel are calm, loving, extremely intelligent and beautiful dogs. I am a first time dog owner and I received a lot of support and help from them. Highly recommended."





He lives with the Nagy family in Germany





He lives with the Pranzo family in the USA, NY

"Ettore has been doing awesome! He had a great birthday and lives life to the fullest every day. He loves running in the yard with all of us and going for lots of walks. He is the most amazing companion to all of us.  Ettore is excited for the summer here but we think he does have a preference for the winter. But now sometimes we put out the sprinkler for him to explore and he just loves that too. We also recently opened our swimming pool and Ettore was extremely interested so when we held him over the water he started to doggy paddle in mid air over the water! Then we gently placed him in and he was swimming all over. Now when the kids go in the pool Ettore gets all excited and wants to join them. Also, Ettore has been through many different toys and there are a few that he really likes -  but it is still the Piggy from Hungary that he adores the most :)" 


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