Austellungergebnisse 2014


2 Best Junior, 21 CAC, 8 CACIB, 3 res.CACIB, 12 BOB, 2 Excellent Titles at EDS, Junior Best in Show, 3.Place in Special Junior Class at Cruft's, Zagreb Winner Title, Special Bolognese Winner, Alps and Adriatic Winner, Junior Club Winner 2014, Club Winner 2014 Hungary,Netherlands, Croatian Champion Diploma, Dutch Junior Champion Diploma, Interchampion Diploma, 3 Cruft's Qualifications,Dog of the Year Show Qualifiction, Best Dog Couple 3. place, 2nd place, Groomers' Competition 3rd place, TOP 1 Dog of the Year 2014 

Aktualisiert: 2022-05-09

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