Available Bolognese Puppies

*** Available Bolognese Puppies for Sale ***
Puppies available from "E" Litter
Date of Birth: 12.11.2020 so the puppies can move to their forever familes in January 2021


Bellissibolo Bolognese puppy
Bellissibolo Ella Elisabetta
Bellissibolo Ella Elisabetta
Bellissibolo Ella Elisabetta
Bellissibolo Bolognese puppy
Litter Announcement
4 weeks old
4 weeks old
4 weeks old
4 weeks old
Bellissibolo Bolognese puppy
Bellissibolo Bolognese puppy
Bellissibolo Bolognese puppy
Bellissibolo Bolognese puppy
Bellissibolo Bolognese puppy

If you are interested please contact us: 

Please send us a short introduction letter about you and your family (a family photo welcomed)  via email: bellissibolo.bolognese@gmail.com.



Son of the WORLD WINNER'13'14'15 Aquavit Hotblooded "Tore" - the Great Italian Champion male -

Ettore del Viale dei Platani



Daughter of VETERAN EUROPEAN WINNER parents - WORLD DOGSHOW - OPEN CLASS WINNER - 2017 Germany, the beautiful Champion female with very dense fur -

Bellissibolo Bella Bambina


Our beautiful furry angels are already very playful and happy babies. You can watch their everyday life with us on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL (Click here). 



Why choosing a BELLISSIBOLO Bolognese?

“A healthy dog is not expensive - it is priceless”

Before giving our babies into their new homes they are full vaccinated, often clinically examined, dewormed and microchipped.

Our puppies are not to be mixed up with cheap Bologneses, since the entire rearing goes after completely different criterias and after highest standards.

We can guarantee mentally strong puppies who enjoyed a beautiful puppyhood. 

At the time of the purchase, our puppies are already house-clean, listen to their names and able to eat and drink like adults.

Our puppies go with health guarantee, international petpassport and a large starter pack ( blanket, food, toys, etc).

It is important for us to stay in touch with our new owners for the full life of our babies. We are glad to answer all of their questions and we can give good advices.


Also the purchase price of the Champion parents are correspondingly high, so we are able to offer such quality puppies.
We showed our dogs in several countries to Multi Champions, Multi Winners and BIS Champions and that is how our kennel is known and admired worldwide.

All puppy reservations are guaranteed when seller receives deposit.


Am I an ideal owner of a little Bolognese puppy?


The Bolognese is a small companion dog breed. It means these dogs are extremely social, love to be with their owners and require lots of care and play. These characteristics are true not only to young puppies but we can also enjoy their clownish, kind nature throughout their whole lives!
Even in adulthood, Bologneses see the world at the intellectual level of a 4-5 year-old child. This means that if we want to be a good mom to such a puppy, we have to be patient with him and don't leave him alone at home.
For those who live very busy life, travel a lot by plane, have very young children, or work 6-8 hours a day away from home - well we have to say them this is not the right time of their life when they could be the perfect moms& dads for a puppy.
While owning a little Bolognese is extremely rewarding, it is important to remember that pet ownership is also a huge responsibility :)

Latest update: 2020-12-29

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